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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur non ornare diam, vel vulputate odio. In finibus rutrum bibendum.

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At Best Value Pet Supplies we stand by the products we sell.

All products are genuine, labelled in English and have the longest expiry dates currently available with most having at least a year or two before expiry.

Our pet medications and other pet products are sourced from multiple locations including Australia, Europe, South Africa and the United States to bring you great savings.

All of our products are branded items and identical in composition to the US labelled product, they are also still made in the same location as the US labelled products, we do not stock any generic items.

When you know and love a brand of flea, tick or worming product, it’s important to get what you expected. This is our promise to you.

  • The exact brand you ordered
  • From the same manufacturer
  • With the same ingredients
  • At the same dosage
  • The same as what you would buy from your vet
  • 100% genuine, no imitations 

Contact Us

Our preferred method of communication is via email. All emails will be answered within 24 hours. Our contact email address is info@bestvaluepetsupplies.biz 

Please include your order id number if inquiring about a order. 

Communication via email is so we can keep costs to a minimum so we can offer you the best value on the net.